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A Proofread Example Of A Research Paper About Technology

The word technology is derived from two Greek words ‘techne’ and ‘logia’. ‘Techne’ means an art or arts or skill(s) or craft(s) or deft of hand and ‘logia’ means saying or communication. The term was first used around 1610 as ‘technología, meaning a discourse or communication about the ways to achieve things. The practice long existed before the coinage of the term. Since prehistory, technological innovations and applications have shaped human civilization and society. If you are assigned to write a research paper about technology, and you are looking for a proposal on a good topic, you can contact this service “Paperwritten.com” for help.

They say ‘necessity is the mother of invention’. This saying is true when in Stone Age man discovered the use of tools. He acted on need, intuition and observational information to make and use tools. Scientific information didn’t exist to human beings at that time. The next most important innovation was the discovery and use of fire. This helped him to ‘cook’, be worm and gave him light in darkness. Most importantly it marked the beginning of utilizing natural resources for development.

Domesticating and using animals, agriculture, using metals and most other great technological achievements were because of our ability to harness natural resources. The human history is divided in distinct time periods marking the recognition and use of natural resources. The stone age, Iron Age, Copper age, Bronze and so on. The ability to harness natural resources became the source of power, and dictated human existence at this point.

Scientific discoveries over the last few centuries explained the principle behind the working of many earlier inventions. They helped to refine and dispel the myths surrounding existing technologies and also paved the way for newer ones. Our understanding and exploitation of nuclear energy or digital technology would not have been possible without this knowledge. Information and knowledge became the real power in this era.

Today we live in the digital age which has revolutionized communication and information. Innovations like the telegraph and telephone redefined communications. They are obsolete now as cell phones and the internet have replaced them. People have moved closer to each other than ever. The web has become the biggest marketplace in the world. It also has drastically changed the way people conduct business.

The digital revolution has also made information more accessible to everyone. This easy availability is bound to impact the future socio-economic structure and geo-political situation. Information and knowledge were real power but are now available to all. There will be a detrimental effect to this also – some people will try to protect their knowledge others will try to grab it.

History has proved that it is impossible to stop technological advancements and innovations. The inquisitive nature of humans forbids him from doing so. Our ability to receive, understand and process information and what we do with it will shape the future human civilization.