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Research Paper About Climate Change: A Good Example

The world is ever-turning and with each rotation, the earth undergoes more changes. These changes are what is known as climate change. Some people do not believe that climate change is an important issue, while others believe that society should continue on their path of destruction because of the profit involved. However, climate change is not only a pressing issue, it is one that requires attention. If changes are not made to human behavior in the years to come, it will certainly lead to the destruction of the earth.

The coal that burns in factories, the gas that burns in cars, and the chemicals from beauty, cleaning, and other products that are released into the air cause a buildup of carbon dioxide. Carbon dioxide is a greenhouse gas and is the leading chemical changing the temperature of the earth. It is trapped inside of the earth's ozone layer. The problem with this change is not just slightly warmer temperatures- it is that the warmed temperatures is melting the polar ice caps. As these melt, water levels rise and if this path continues, coastal areas and islands may be in danger.

Water pollution is another major factor in climate change. Oil spills and runoff from chemical plants have contaminated the waterways in many places. As most of the water in the world is connected in some way, pollution has been carried across the planet. In some areas, the fish cannot even be eaten because of the dangerous chemical content of the water. Not only does this change harm the fish and other marine life that call the water home, it is harming the human population because they can no longer eat the food.

The final way that humans are contributing to climate change and harming the planet is the use of plastic. Plastics are often single-use, from water bottles and cutlery to grocery bags. The problem is that plastic is very hard to breakdown. It may even sit in the landfill for centuries. This overfills landfills and can even contaminate groundwater when the plastic does finally breakdown and the chemicals seep into the land. Additionally, plastic has polluted the waterways of the earth. It suffocates and kills the wildlife. In one case, a whale was found with a stomach full of plastic bags that would not pass- and the whale starved to death. If this aspect of climate change continues, it will harm hundreds of marine species and may even cause some water animals to go extinct.

Each day, climate change becomes worse. There is more burning of carbon dioxide emissions, more pollution, and more plastic harming the animals that live in the environment. If this continues onward, the earth will not last to provide a high quality of living for the generations to come. It is important to take a stand against climate change before it is too late- even making small changes in your own life has the ability to impact the planet on a larger scale. Not only are you lessening your own environmental impact, you are inspiring those around you to do the same.