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A Good Example Of A Research Paper About Education

In order to survive in this economy, one must be educated. Today, education is a key to a better life. In comparison, those who are educated live a better life than their counterparts who have never gone to school. Poverty is one major consequence in a community where people are not educated. Problems become too many since people have no knowledge of solving them.

Factors leading to high rates of primary school dropout

For any country to develop economically, its citizens must be able to access education facilities and gain skills. The greater the percentage of learned people, the better the economy. Focus has been given to primary schools because this is the stage where most kids lose interest in books and decide to quit. From research that has been done, there are several major factors that may contribute to this.


Poverty means there is no capital. Education is something that needs financial assistance. Anything that tries to limit this can lead to deadly repercussions. The government should look into this issue and try to solve it. A good example are children who live in slum areas. Most of them do not attend primary schools simply due to lack of basic needs. To attend school, you need school fees, uniform, a bag, books and other things.

Illnesses such as HIV/AIDS

Major illnesses such as HIV/AIDS are known to cause death of parents and therefore children remain orphans. Those who are in this situation understand how stressful it is. Your parents are always a stronghold in teen age and just in case they die, you may end up joining those street kids simply because you do not have someone to look after you. The worst thing with these chronic diseases is that they majorly affect both parents. Moreover, a lot of funds are wastage on treatment rather than payment of school. This simply means that education is neglected as much of the attention shifts to the well-being of those who are ill.

Family instability

Families that are in chaos can never have their children attend school. There is no peace as parents are in constant quarrels. Children lack people who can guide them about school stuff. This motivates students to stay in school and do the right thing.

Lack of guiding and counseling

At times, children may be provided with everything except emotional and mental support. This can adversely affect a student and even cause them to leave school. Most of them will not know how to manage stress and other things that may challenge their lives. The best people to provide counselling are the key personnel in the community such as parents, teachers, pastors and health workers among others.

Education is a key thing to any given country. It is important to set up programs that can eradicate school dropout issues and help all students stay in school. The main reason for elaborating the above is to be able to find appropriate solutions that can help all children who are affected in the community.