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An Informative Research Paper About Global Warming

Everyone has heard about global warming and its devastating effects. These effects are majorly environmental and social in nature. You should be well conversant with each of these as a measure of proper management of nature. Perhaps you may have chosen to compose on this topic but you do not have a proper sample to guide you. To make your work easier, you have been provided with an outstanding sample below.

What are the effects of global warming?

Majorly, global warming is associated with several adverse effects and is one of the major things affecting the entire world. These repercussions affect people and other living things in the environment. Below are major upshots associated with global warming.

Increasing number of droughts

Drought is one of the geographical effects of global warming. On its own, drought brings about several challenges to the environment such as loss of drinking water. Moreover, crops cannot be grown because the soil is unfavorable to withstand them. This leads to hunger. Several cases of wildfires have also been experienced in various regions. It is important to manage the resources well to ensure continued survival in such tough times.

Increased number of deaths

Death is another direct effect of global warming. This influences everyone including the small children, mature people and the old. There are certain seasons when the death rates are too high. Societies where poverty is pronounced are affected the most because they lack resources which are necessary for life. At times, temperatures can go high in certain places and since people cannot withstand this, they simply die. Cold is also another biggest death threat that is associated to global warming.

Contaminated air

We all breathe the same oxygen. There is a lower layer that is saturated with ozone and is essentials for our lives. This should be pure all the time to avoid contamination. However, if this air is polluted with harmful particles, people are predisposed to deadly diseases especially those associated with the heart and the lungs. At these times, there are higher rates of hospital admissions due to these diseases. This increases the economy of the country since expenses have to be met by individuals and the government.

Increased rates of wildlife extinction

When climate changes, both animals and plants found in that specific location are also affected. Up to today, there are certain species of animals and plants that have become totally extinct. These species that are only imaginary at the point, were very important. However, most of them could not survive the change in climate which occurred due to global warming. Fresh water and soil are affected and these are two major things that support the lives of these species. Animals that live in water may die due to increased ocean acidity.

Global warming is something that must be appreciated because of its negative influence. It puts people’s lives at risk and also those of plants and other animals. Looking into these effects can help us find proper solutions that can help us survive.