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A Winning Sample Of A Research Paper About Abortion

Abortion is one of the most controversial topics of the last few decades, with one of the major arguments being a mother's right to her body against a fetus' right to enter this world. This argument is one that has led to many pieces of legislation, including the Hyde Amendment of 1974 and more recently a law banning federal funds from being given to Planned Parenthood, a major provider of abortions. While both sides of this argument have fair points, this is why abortions should remain legal.

One of the most shocking images used by those who stand against abortion is a nearly full-grown baby being aborted. Not only is this image shocking, it is incredibly inaccurate. Women who do not want children often terminate in the first trimester of pregnancy. When a pregnancy terminated this late, it is because the child has already passed on or has a serious birth defect. It may also be terminated if the mother is at a high risk of death. The women who abort this late in pregnancy are not monsters trying to end the life of a healthy child; they are devastated parents who have gone shopping and chosen names for their little ones. What would happen to these women should abortion become illegal? Would they be persecuted for making the safest choice?

Another argument against abortion is that there are plenty of homes for unwanted children. Many believe that children should be adopted out rather than aborted. Unfortunately, the adoption system is overcrowded in many places so children have trouble finding forever homes and may live in less-than-satisfactory conditions. Some of these children end up growing up unloved, uneducated, and unsure of why their mother decided to birth them at all. Adopting out children instead of aborting them in less-than-ideal situations could be an option, but only in a repaired adoption system that is a large enough to support and house all the unwanted kids.

The final argument against abortion is that the rights of the unborn child should outweigh the rights of the pregnant mother. Many of the people that believe this believe that abortion kills a child, as they are a living thing from the moment of conception. The truth of the matter is that many women who do choose to have abortions do it so they can finish school or have a career. They may not have a safe living situation. By forcing these children to be born, they grow up in an undesirable situation and their mother may not be able to pursue her goals. This takes a toll on society as a whole, because unprepared mothers often turn to public assistance problems for help.

It is true that abortion is a moral decision. However, it is one that should be made by the mother of the unborn child. When children are forced into existence, they may grow up in less-than-ideal situations or fall victim to an over-populated adoption system. For this reason, it should remain the mother's decision. Those who do not agree with abortion do not have to- but they should not be able to make that decision for anyone else.