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A Well-Written Sample Research Paper About Drug Addiction

Drug addiction is an epidemic today. The CDC reported in 2015 that more than 30,000 deaths were caused by opioid addiction alone. Opioids are not the only crisis that we must worry about though. The use of drugs has profound effects that go far beyond death and the people who are actually involved in use of a drug. Drug addiction effects the people that are close to them, the children they should be raising, and society as a whole.

People who care about a drug user often react to their problem by enabling them, ignoring the problem, trying to address the problem, or pushing them out of their lives. Even when they do try to help, it often seems like it isn't working or the addicted person eventually relapses. Regardless of how people react to the drug addiction, it is them that gets hurt when something happens to the addict. The addict may overdose, become sick, turn to a life of thievery, or even die because of this addiction. Following this event, people always wonder if they could have done more or should have responded. Addicts are people too and they leave behind parents, siblings, friends, romantic partners, and children. These are the people that get hurt.

Children are also heavily affected by drug addiction. Too often, parents are addicted to drugs. The children involved may be neglected or abused. There is also a chance of going into foster care, if the parents overdose or are found unfit to be raising the child. While fostering a child does take him/her out of the situation, it still does not save them from the effects. Those who are old enough will remember their parents and they may have a higher risk of drug addiction or drinking problems themselves.

Drug addiction is not just something that harms on a personal relationship level- it also harms the future of the world. The children of drug addicts are the adults of the future. When drug abuse is glorified or when they children undergo tough situations, they become more likely to use drugs themselves. This means that the brilliant people that would have grown up may never reach their full potential. They may not benefit society, but may drain it. Additionally, as more people become addicted to drugs, it promotes drug use across whole cities because if it was not a good idea, why would so many people be doing it?

When looking at drug addiction, it is important to look beyond what directly effects the person involved. Drug addiction effects all those involved, those around the people involved, and society as a whole. With such profound effects, it becomes increasingly important that this issue is addressed. Those who suffer from a drug addiction often feel as if they have no control or that they cannot stop. It is important to find the root of this compulsion and address it, whether it is therapy, personal relationships, or detoxing that is necessary, so that the world can become a better place.