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A Quality Sample Of A Research Paper About Drugs

First things first; let us begin by learning what a drug is. This is something that is taken to alter the normal functioning of the body. Drugs can be taken for two purposes. One of them is medicinal purposes and the others are taken for recreational purposes. Today, youths have engaged themselves in drug and substance abuse. This has become a big challenge to parents, guardians and the entire society. Therefore when this issue is looked into in cheap term papers, it will be possible for the adverse effects associated with drug addiction to be controlled.

Why do youths engage in drug abuse?

There is no doubt that everyone passes through the youth stage. This is considered the most challenging period when most teens engage in bad behavior that may turn out to be chronic and affect their future lives. In most cases, when you tell anyone about going back to the teen age, most will probably say “Never.”

Peer pressure

Probably, when you were in this age, you saw everyone do things simply because others are also doing them. This is called peer pressure and it is a very bad “disease” that may lead you into becoming an addict. In teen age, everyone wants to explore things but the only problem is that, they do not know the repercussions that come later. You should be strong enough to reject peer pressure and start doing the right thing.


Have you ever been curious about anything? The fact is that, it did not only kill the cat but it can kill you as well. Puberty is a stage that makes you want to be familiar with almost everything. This may be due to a lot of freedom they get at home since most parents today are busy with work and therefore, they do not have time to monitor their children. Once you taste the feeling, you will find yourself taking the drug almost everyday.

To feel “grown-up”

Do you remember those days in college when most student will only intimidate you simply because you are not doing exactly what they do? People believe that abstaining yourself from such stuff is a childish behavior. Those who do it think that they will be accepted by others because they show a sign of maturity. Unfortunately, this is not the true definition of maturity. You should not abuse drugs because of this mere reason. There are many things you can do to make you feel mature.

Copying from parents

There are parents who use alcohol and other drugs at home. They directly expose them to their children. The later definitely think that these stuff are good for consumption and therefore, they also want to taste. If you ask many youths whose parents are alcoholics, they will tell you this is the major reason they once tested this substance. This also makes it easy for children to access the drugs in the house as you will find most of them in fridge.