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A Thought Provoking Research Paper About Failing Grades

Everyone wants to get better grades in this world. This is the main reason you will find students late in the night busy studying. Grades play a key role in providing a distinction between students. They separate the bright from those who are not. Moreover, they elicit competition which sees every student working so hard. This page provides a quality sample on how failing grades can influence the performance of a given student. Look at the following and apply the same in your work.

How do high grading standards affect class performance?

The main reason why students work so hard in class is because they want to pass and get good jobs in future. However, high grading standards have been found to have an influence on the performance. This information is perfect to everyone who may be affected by a student’s life. For instance, these are the parents, teachers and other people in the community.

Effects to low achieving students

In the normal educational setting, there are two major types of classes. One is a high achieving class while the other one is a low achieving class. These two are affected differently as far as grading standards are concerned. For instance, if the standards are relatively higher, high achieving students will benefit especially when in a low achieving class while their counterparts will get a negative influence. This means that most of those who work hard in class will continue scoring high grades simply because they will yearn for greater marks.

Effects to low achieving students

Lazy students and those who may be below average may on the other hand continue scoring pathetic marks because the standards have been raised. This can be used to properly orient a given class and help to balance grades in a class. Standards should try to favor both extremes in a given class to make sure those who lag behind get motivated and start working hard. Only one group of students should not be favored because the aim of learning is to make all students pass.

It stimulates competition

In a well-balanced class, there is always a constant competition. Every student wants to become the best in class. This can be made even much better by raising the grading standards. It can make those who want to reach the top of the pyramid work extra hard. Those who are at the bottom will also definitely work smarter to meet the raised average mark. This can therefore be used to stimulate intense competition in a class. A good class should vary its grading standards by raising them with time. If the same standards are used although, competition may not be as stiff as expected.

In every academic setting, grades are supposed to be maintained in dynamic levels. For instance, standards should only be raised when necessary. This should also be to a sensible level that any student can easily achieve. On the other hand, if it is about lowering the standards, they should not pass a certain limit.