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A Well-Written Sample Research Paper About LGBT Community

The acronym LGBT has been in recent news in various countries across the world. The place and media varied but the news were similar - hatred, slander, attacks and violence against them. The LGBT population makes up for a considerable amount of the world population. Estimation was put forward at 10% of the world population but this seems incorrect. Whatever be their number, the reason for their being in news is the concern of this report.

The origin of the term

The term LGBT was coined in the eighties. It started getting worldwide acceptance only in the nineties. Interestingly, the acronym LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender) became a term for 'non heterosexual’ people. Several other terms like homosexual, homophile, gay and sexual minority were coined but none of them gained more acceptances.

A brief history

The ancient history of countries and cultures are full of references to same sex love and affection. Some religion and cultures banned such activities while many encouraged and allowed the community to thrive. Sexual orientations other than heterosexuality were depicted in poetry, paintings, songs, stories, fables and other forms of expression.

During the renaissance, the Roman Catholic Church strictly banned any sexual deviance and imposed severe punishment to the ‘offenders’. As Christianity spread around the world, it influenced or subdued many cultures and religions which tolerated ‘non heterosexuality’. Coupled with similar religious and cultural beliefs towards ‘non heterosexuality’, it became taboo, shameful and the people practicing them were social outcasts. This situation persisted until the 60’s.

The sexual revolution of the 1960’s brought out the issue of homosexuality in the open and the movement gained steam worldwide. As the LGBT movement strengthened, governments and countries had to confer the community its rights as legally one cannot be discriminated against for his sexual orientation. Still there is a strong apathy towards LGBT as our society is primarily made up of heterosexuals.

Problems faced worldwide

The problems faced by LGBT across the world are quite similar.

  1. Facing social exclusion, marginalization and non acceptance by the heterosexual society.
  2. Facing discrimination in educational institutions and workplaces.
  3. LGBT are assaulted regularly due to ‘homophobia’ of fear of same sex people. The violence towards LGBT are on the rise globlly.
  4. Facing regular harassment at workplace. Sneers, remarks and insults are quite common.
  5. Young LGBT faces rejection from the parents.
  6. Young LGBT are driven out of their home. Mostly they are in a situation where they don’t have any money or skills to support themselves.
  7. Discrimination in educational institutions resulting in drop outs. LGBT grow up without proper education or skills resulting in poverty.
  8. All these factors cause extreme psychological distress and they are prone to take up drugs as a relief.
  9. Lack of proper healthcare facilities.
  10. Lack of care for LGBT elders.
  11. They are more prone to criminalization to earn for survival.
  12. They face Legal injustice.

There also have been quite a few remarkable changes. LGBT has been conferred the rights to work, marry and can seek legal action against any discrimination. These rights vary from countries but the attitude of the common people has to change. It is time that we accept a human being for what he or she is rather than his or her sexual orientation.